Learn more about the Manosque (04) site, a salt cavern storage site owned by Géométhane and operated by Storengy France.

Manosque's site

The Manosque site is owned by Géométhane, an Economic Interest Group (EIG) specialising in the underground storage of gas, and operated by the Storengy teams. Commissioned in 1993, it is a salt cavern storage site, located across 2 towns of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence: Dauphin and Manosque. Its facilities are spread across 2 sites, approximately 2.5 km apart as the crow flies: the central station, in the Gaude valley, and the well platforms on the site of Gontard.

The Manosque storage occupies a strategic place in terms of natural gas procurement in the south-east of France.

Read the site's 2021 CSR report (french)


View of Manosque's site