Reducing our environmental impact

In line with the ENGIE group’s carbon neutrality objectives, Storengy is developing energy transition projects at its underground storage sites.

Transition énergétique

Reducing emissions

Reducing our methane emissions

In France, methane emissions from gas infrastructures represent 2% of annual national emissions and storage only count for 0.1%.

That said, for Storengy, reducing emissions remains a challenge and a priority in the fight against climate change. We are committed to reduce methane emissions by at least 25% by 2025 for all our active storage sites. This approach echoes European Commission priorities in its methane emissions reduction strategy. European authorities are supporting the OGMP 2.0 (Oil and Gas Methane Partnership) initiative, which brings together more than 60 industrial stakeholders in the energy sector, including Storengy, with the aim of setting up a standard procedure for monitoring methane emissions, as well as methane emission reduction trajectories.

In France, methane emissions from gas infrastructures represent 2% of annual national emissions and storage only count for 0.1%.


Employee carsharing, a shared mobility solution

Since June 2020, Storengy’s collaborators in France have the possibility to benefit from a mutualised commuting solution. Indeed, Storengy and Klaxit, a specialist in carsharing for commuters, have signed a partnership agreement about shared mobility of our collaborators.

 As a first step, carsharing was introduced at the sites located in Ile de France, including the company headquarters.

This partnership is part of Storengy’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy in France and has several objectives:

  • propose a shared mobility solution for commuters;
  • reduce traffic accident risks;
  • reduce everybody’s carbon footprint.

 As the epidemic situation is worsening again, carsharing is an alternative to the use of public transport. Preventive measures have been taken to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Thus, in addition to the control measures such as wearing a mask, carsharing is limited to 2 persons per journey (1 driver and 1 passenger). Users may also add a “trust badge” next to their profile picture, which means that they comply with all health recommendations. 

Towards clean mobility at Storengy France

Within the framework of its clean mobility approach, Storengy France has committed itself for 2 years to greening up 50% of its vehicle fleet at its industrial sites by the year 2024. This concerns 80 diesel vehicles (cars and utility vehicles) which on average drive 350 km / year per vehicle.

In order to respond to the mobility needs of its personnel, Storengy has chosen to progressively replace combustion vehicles by:

  • 100% electric golf cars with a central station for use within industrial sites;
  • BioNGV/electrical vehicles for external journeys;
  • hydrogen vehicles.

NGV vehicles are using the filling stations of GNVERT, French leader in gas mobility, which are located nearby our underground storage sites.

Green fleet Storengy

Reducing consumption


This certification is a recognition of Storengy’s Integrated Management System (IMS) in France, certifying our good risk and opportunities management. It’s a guarantee of the quality of our services for clients, such as natural gas storage or project realisation (equipment renewal, etc.).

In France, Storengy has been ISO certified by DNV regarding the monitoring of commitments and priorities in terms of quality, environment and energy. As it is renewed every 3 years, the latest certification cycle for 2022-2024 started in June 2021 with the renewal process for all our sites.

ISO certification is a guarantee for Storengy’s collaborators and stakeholders in France. Today, Storengy France owns 3 ISO certifications by DNV:

  • ISO 9001 for quality. Owned for more than 10 years, this certification guarantees the quality of the company's processes, adequation of resources required for our activities and the optimisation of our commercial offers with the aim to ensure client satisfaction.
  • ISO 14001 dedicated to the environment. For about ten years, this certification has been recognising the good management of our industrial sites, our engineering and project activities, as well as our drilling activities in order to save naturally used resources and reduce the environmental impact of our industrial activities.
  • ISO 50001 for energy performance. Obtained in January 2020, this certification guarantees optimisation of our energy consumption in order to certify all our industrial sites.

It certifies our actions led to maintain our operational excellence and make Storengy a reference player in the underground natural gas storage industry. It is also a lever of performance and quality for our partners.

Green electricity production for own consumption

To reach carbon neutrality, Storengy has developed a photovoltaic panel installation programme to produce green electricity for our sites’ own consumption. These facilities aim to promote local green energy production and reduce our environmental impact. Furthermore, this programme enables us to green our vehicle fleet quicker by making charging stations available. Two types of projects are under development:

  • Parking shelters;
  • Ground-based solar plants.

First solar plant in service in Tersanne

Solar plant in Tersanne Storengy

The gas storage site in Tersanne is now equipped with solar parking shelters. They have been installed between November 2020 and February 2021. Storengy chose to join forces with Reservoir Sun, a reference player in the field of photovoltaic panels, to provide their expertise when it comes to implementing relevant solutions for storage sites.