New gas

Storengy is committed to the energy transition by participating in the production and storage of green gas.

Nouveaux gaz

MéthyCentre, to accelerate mobility and comfort in the Centre Val de Loire region

MéthyCentre is a Power-to-Gas demonstrator project, coupled with a methanization unit, dedicated to the energy transition in the territories. It will produce green hydrogen from renewable energy, part of which will be transformed into e-methane.

Thanks to properties similar to natural gas while being carbon neutral, this e-methane will be injected into the distribution network and will meet the needs of consumers (cooking, heating, etc.). The remaining hydrogen will be used for green mobility.

Led by Storengy and its partners KHIMOD, PRODEVAL, CEA and ELOGEN, MéthyCentre is a major project for the development of low carbon energy solutions in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Located near Storengy's underground natural gas storage site in Céré-la-Ronde (37), MéthyCentre relies on the technical and human expertise of Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary. Work on the MéthyCentre began in Angé (41) in June 2020 and will last 13 months.

Methycentre gaz vert


HyGreen Provence: an ambitious project to develop green hydrogen production

The HyGreen Provence project aims to supply a network of green mobility stations (for HyGreen Mobility) and industries (for HyGreen Provence) in the region of Marseille.

Currently in the feasibility study phase, this site aims to become, in a few years, a green hydrogen production site based on renewable energies by capitalizing on storage and transport infrastructures in salt caverns. Alongside many actors of the energy sector - Durance Luberon Verdon Agglomeration, Enedis, ENGIE, RTE, GRT Gaz - we are actively contributing to the realization in 2023 for HyGreen Mobility.